Travel and Tour Agency
Departure Travel & Tour Agency is a dedicated travel & tour consultants to provide you with the best possible mean of travel in the lowest available rates. We provide a well-informed, professional travel advice for all outbound customers. Our staffs are experienced and friendly and will help you make your travel arrangements in a comfortable and relaxing setting.
Our main office of operations is located in the prestigious Dossary Towers on Dhahran – Khobar road. The location is a prime location as it is in a known and well-established commercial area. The office has private and public parking space. Also, the location is considered the destination to visit to
make airline reservations since many airline offices are just next-door.
We are capable of providing you with ticket and packages rates of a number of airlines to help you make an informed decision. We deal with a number of major airlines and can help you compare cost of travel in different airlines.
DTA is holding all required governmental licenses and permits necessary to operate as a travel and tour agency. In addition, DTA is a licensed IATA member as presented in the attachments.
Our services include the following:

  • Reservation for all airlines.
  • Ticketing for all airlines.
  • Reservation service for hotels.
  • Reservation service for car rental.
  • Travel packages.
  • Physical therapy packages.
  • International Driving license.
  • Cargo Services (under process).

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and please do not hesitate to contact us for your next travel requirements. Please click on the following link PROFILE for additional information.