Alsuhaimi Group Holding is a family owned company serving Saudi Arabia and The GCC from our offices located in Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah. Our company provides the region with different services and manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Water well drilling services
  • Piling services
  • Water pump supply & installation
  • Manufacturing of Water booster systems for domestic and industrial uses
  • Real Estate Services
  • Environmental Services
  • General Trading
  • Hydroponics Farming
  • Aquaculture
  • Transportation

Our business roots go back in history to 1921 when Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saleh AlSuhaimi started our family business in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. However, his business experience started earlier than that when he moved with his father to Kuwait from Onizah in search of better business opportunities. After few years of trading in foodstuff in Kuwait and Bahrain an opportunity rose in a place called Jubail, a small port in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, for good business possibilities. Seeking to improve sales of a stagnant stock in Kuwait he decided to move to Jubail and test the market. To his surprise the market was great and the town had a promising future. Trust, Honesty, and cooperation were pillars of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saleh AlSuhaimi business conduct. His first trading post in Alsafat in Jubail was the point at which he made not only good business contact but also a lasting friendship with Jubail community.

In 1948 Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saleh AlSuhaimi and business associates purchased a lot of equipment from the British army in Dubai, UAE. The equipment purchased was for the purpose of reselling it in Bahrain and Jubail. Most of the equipment purchased was sold except for a water well drilling rig. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saleh AlSuhaimi decided to operate this equipment with the help of ARAMCO in order to benefit the community by increasing water supply from wells and to hopefully benefit financially. After encountering few difficulties in running the rig the partners were successful and drilled the first water well in Jubail for Sheikh Ali Alsalim Almahfood.

With the help of Sheikh AbdulAziz Alsuhaimi, the son of Sheikh AbdulRahman, Suhaimi Drilling was established. Many large-scale projects were awarded to Suhaimi Drilling from the time Sheikh AbdulAziz toke control of the company. The projects awarded to Suhaimi Drilling included large organization clients such as ARAMCO, SCECO, government ministries, and foreign governments. Projects like Umm Arudmah in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, and Ministry of agriculture water wells in Yemen made us a leader in this field and reemphasized our name as reliable, trustworthy organization.

In the Mid ‘80s and due to the slowdown of the Saudi economy Mr. Mosaad Alsuhaimi, Suhaimi Drilling general Manager, decided to diversify our activities to include water pumps trading and services. This diversification proved to be a great decision for the company future as a supporting service to our drilling contracts. The water pumps division improved its services during the 1990’s to include manufacturing and assembly of water pump boosters and fire fighting booster systems and other services related to sewage and water pumps.

As a drilling company and after compiling many years of experience in the drilling services our company also ventured into the piling and soil improvement industry. Our combined experience and our board of directors recent resolution to renew all of our piling equipment made us one of very few companies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf that can manage to work and accomplish three major projects in three different GCC countries at the same time. Prestige’s projects have been awarded to our Piling and Foundations Division from known organizations such as ARAMCO, SCECO, SABIC, and other known and well-established companies.

In 2001, the partners in Alsuhaimi Holding Group elected to build a commercial center in a newly developed area of Dammam called Faisalyh. The decision to build this commercial center has been the dream of our president for a long time and has been established after a feasibility study has been conducted and proved its worthiness. The construction process of the commercial center finished in late 2004 and was opened for business in January 2005.

Many other divisions are under consideration for development or have already started the process of development such as Travel & Tours Division, building material trading division, and civil contracting. Our faith in God and our adherence to our founder pillars of business conduct TRUST, HONESTY, & UNDERSTANDING are the means of achieving our company goals and objectives.